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Patrik Masár


Hi, my name is Patrik and I’ll be glad if you put your trust in me. I always try to solve the goals of my clients with a unique approach as each person is unique. Therefore, this approach is essential for the effective and rapid achievement of the chosen goals.

Let me help you get into the best physical condition you’ve ever had. I focus on making my clients live better and healthier than before.

I am a strength trainer and I work mainly in a fitness center. My specialization is strength training and its application to everyday life. By adjusting and improving movement stereotypes, it is possible not only to make movement more pleasant, but also to prevent possible future injuries.

I choose trainings according to what the client imagines

  • weight reduction
  • body shaping
  • body firming
  • diet
  • hypertrophy
  • physical condition increase

For each client, I do tests to obtain information about his physical imbalance.

If you take your body seriously, then let us unite and reach your ultimate shape and physical condition together.


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